Hello and welcome to The Weekly Paper, a blog where I publish weekly researched articles on submitted topics within the realm of science, medicine, health, and technology, written in an easily understood way. Say you want DNA replication explained, a run down on what NASA’s future plans for space exploration are, what your asthma inhaler is doing to you, or an explanation of how cell phones work. These are all great questions that help us all better understand the world. Yes, Wikipedia is a great resource for these kinds of off the wall questions, but often their articles on science and technology are written at the expert level, far above the understanding of someone outside that field and with little to no breakdown or explanation. The purpose of this blog is to take the knowledge that is out there and put it into a form that is more easily digestible.

My goal is to tackle one submitted topic a week, published sometime on the weekend. If no one submits a topic, I’ll just write on something I feel I need to know more about. The intention here is the creation of knowledge on both sides. Plenty of times, I won’t know the answer going into the topic either. The thing is, odds are only a handful of people reading probably will. That’s the point, to do the research and find out for everyone’s benefit. The point is to provide the whole picture, including both sides of even controversial topics.

With that, I hope to create an enthusiastic group of knowledge-seekers who can add to and debate my findings as I post them. Nothing in this world is better than peer-reviewed knowledge, and we all benefit from rigorous fact checking.

EDIT: Please use the “Submit Your Question” tab at the top of the screen to send your question in. Your email address is optional but if you provide it I will let you know if your question is chosen and personally thank you!


One comment

  1. Alfredo

    This is the first time I read the weekly post. I enjoyed it. I do gave the same body fat analyzer to self monitor my result while am training. I will like to see one on probiotics, and grass fed beef and milk,
    Thank you

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